Love All, Feed All

As we turn to a new chapter with our new name, we're expanding our experiences beyond our walls and looking at how that positively impacts & defines us as an independent & contemporary neighbourhood restaurant.

Just last week, we took time out as a team to help our friends at Pit Stop Community Cafe to serve their street friends in KL with a kitchen takeover where the produce & fruits were sponsored by our community of purveyors. Because at the end of the day, isn’t eating together all about being generous not just in food, but in the spirit of hospitality as well? 

Our time at Pit Stop revealed a much more powerful truth - that there's a community of earth angels out there similar to Pit Stop looking out for those in need, and a place where they can find rest & recharge from society. How fun was this? So fun that we’re planning second rounds already. And this time, we’re hoping for others to join us on the bandwagon. 

We encourage you to discover like we did, what true hospitality is, and we bet you’ll be going home with your hearts a little bigger than before. To find out more about them, head on over to their Facebook page at Pit Stop Community Cafe.